White Maeng Da

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White Maeng Da Kratom

White Maeng Da Kratom strain from Green Harmony ID is known for providing nootropics effects and stimulation. However, it is useful much greater things. It makes the user much more mentally and physically active. White Maeng Da is popular amongst manual laborers who are engaged in a lot of heavy work.

Benefits of White Maeng Da

  • Pain relief, Although the red kratom strains are more popular for analgesic properties, white maeng da kratom strains is also useful for its pain relief effects. It is observed to work well with arthritis, backache, and cancer. This effect is mostly observed at higher doses due to sedation.
  • Mood enhancer, Kratom helps one to socialize better and getting that euphoric feeling. It induces happy feeling inside your body and makes you more relaxed. Hence it is used for fighting depression and anxiety.
  • Stimulation & Energy Boost, This Kratom helps in mental alertness as well as provide the energy boost. In order to get the stimulation effects, small doses maeng da kratom strains are enough and often recommended as it is good for the user in the long run.
  • Euphoria, A heightened state of euphoria is also one of the interesting effects of white maeng da kratom strains at a higher dose. Remember the dose has to be higher in order to get a euphoria-like feeling from this kratom.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g

3 reviews for White Maeng Da

  1. Julien Mayet

    Really nice product. Smooth yet efficient energy. I recommend. What’s more, GH in spite of sending issues managed to find a solution and the products arrived quickly. Good address, really.

  2. Carlos P. (Verified Customer)

    Great long lasting energetic effect

  3. Tadeáš Cipro (Verified Customer)

    For when you want to really get the right energy and mood for meeting with your friends.

    Highest quality and freshest kratom out there!

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