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Benefits of Horn Kratom

Green Horn Kratom, Due to the alkaloids in the Kratom, it reacts positively with the body to offer a variety of benefits which include;

Quick pain relief: the strain is effective in relieving joint pains, muscle aches (good for post-workout) and headaches.

Heals mental illness: due to its potency, this strain is also effective for people suffering from depression and misery due to psychological issues.

Green Horn Kratom Dosage

Green Horn Kratom even though it’s a rare strain and one of the priciest kratom strain in the market it’s still available in capsules and powder. When taking kratom either of the two strains, it’s always the vendor’s advice that you take the recommended dosage to avoid adverse side effects.

Remember this is a green strain similar to Maeng Da Kratom and green vein kratom, so it’s a very potent strain. You don’t need high doses to achieve you’re your objectives and in case the small doses aren’t effective enough you should increase the dosage on small quantities.

Low Dosage

For beginners, the recommended dosage Green Horn Kratom is around 1-3 grams but start with 1 and then increase gradually. This will bring the feeling of an increase in energy and some euphoria. The effects will last for more than 5 hours

Medium Dosage

The medium dosage of Green Horn Kratom one should take between 4-6 grams. For those suffering from chronic pain, muscle cramps and need something to lift their moods then this is your dose to go for.

High Dosage

When you take 7-10 grams that’s a high dosage and it’s not meant to be taken by anyone but only the experts in the Kratom Strains. It’s intended for people who need extremely strong analgesic effects and sedation effects as well.

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  1. Jessica (Verified Customer)

    Superior product

  2. Jack (Verified Customer)

    I got some of Green Harmony’s “Green Horn” for my parents, so I haven’t tried any of it, but my parents love it! The strains I got for myself are amazing as well

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