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Common purchase queries answered

Orders and Shipping

You can create an account when do purchase with us on checkout page.

We using UPS and DHL for our shipping method for now. We use weight based shipping, more quantities order you will get more cheaper price. We give free shipping only for USA Warehouse order.

Payment is charged by send manually after your making a purchase at our website.

We have Paypal, Bitcoin, Transfer Bank, and Western Union Online. We also have Zelle, Apple Pay, Cash App, Amazon Gift Card, Money Order and Check only USA Warehouse 

 Klik this link for instructions how to pay with Western Union Online.

We will send you an acknowledgement email on successful completion of an order on the site. This email will detail the order that you have placed and will give you an order reference number. We would advise you to keep this email safely as you will need your order reference number for any further queries which you may have. Failure to provide us with an order reference number on request will result in a delay with your enquiry. Once your order has been accepted and dispatched to you we will send you a confirmation email

We will send you an update for Airwaybill number with link instead for track your shipment automaticly to your registered email. Or you can track order in this link page.

Yes we do that, we have quantitative analysis of mitragynine from New Zealand Laboratory and our Product is certified clean from fungi, e-coli and salmonella by BARISTAND Research Center And Industrial Standardization, Acredited with ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Feel free for asking us about our latest Lab-Test update.

The estimated time for delivery via UPS and DHL is 4 – 8 working days after the tracking number is published. Usually the published tracking number takes 3 – 8 working days, depending on the queue for kratom shipments from Indonesia to the buyer’s destination country. However, we still send the package the next day after receiving confirmation of payment from the buyer.

If you need to ask some refund or reship

Refund and Return Policy

We will only make a refund if the item is lost, wrong address, seized/stop by customs at the Indonesia border, and the type of thing do not match what was ordered. We always provide a complete document for customs clearance. Unfortunately we have no refund if the customs in the country of destination have seized and stopped the delivery Because it’s beyond our reach. So we only offer to reship your order with condition customers provide a new shipping address. But dont worry, we are experienced for five years and always try the best to make it delivered. If you are not satisfied with this, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

Directly via our live chat or contact page

You can submit to us before order status changed to shipped.

Yes, you can cancel it before make any payment for the order.

If you need info about our USA Warehouse

USA Warehouse

All orders ship within 24 hours, and use USPS priority mail 2-day shipping. If you need our latest Tracking History, feel free to ask. 

No, we offer free shipping for all orders.

Yes, absolutely. If the tracking info shows that your package was not received to the address that you provided, we will reship your order free of charge.

We have Zelle, Apple Pay, Cash App, Amazon Gift Card, Money Order and Check only for USA Warehouse order.

Yes. Before exporting, all batches and contamination, such as Heavy Metals, E-coli, Salmonella, and Fungi (mold), are tested for impurities through the testing laboratory for Industrial Research and Standardization of Pontianak, Indonesia. We do not export if we didnt have the certificate of analysis from the lab. We will NEVER make an exception to this rule. We also test each batch independently through a lab in the USA (Alliance Analytical, Coopersville MI).

Yes. All packages are blank, and the label will show as shipped from ‘Green Harmony USA’. No identifying information is print on the box or label.

We will send you an update for Airwaybill number with link instead for track your shipment automaticly to your registered email.

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