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We are a kratom distributor and supplier — an experienced company which have done export and selling to worldwide since 2015. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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About us, We offer Kratom powder that is grown, harvested and produced naturally by the experts. We also provide to our customers with high quality, fresh and lab-tested accredited by the Ministry of Industry Republic Indonesia.

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Are you looking for something different? We supply kratom to a local store in a few countries. Contact us for a fast shipping quote.


Satisfy consumers by providing kratom products with natural and organic quality products. Derived from pure mitragyna speciosa plant materials from nature. Establish a community of regional agents to grow together & develop the quality of life, work environment and partners’ work. Become a natural herbal raw material supply company that provides herbal and kratom products with freshness and purity from nature which can be evidence for people who are prosperous and understand the importance of natural products.

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Our produce of Kratom is using method of Weekly cycle of harvesting, drying and milling. This processing method always provides customers with fresh and consistent quality products. Our products are of high quality and tested in the Lab. We provide easy, fast and safe payment methods for customers to buy. We always Ensured all orders delivery will reach the customer safely.


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