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Red Harmony


Red Harmony is a type of Kratom plant, derived directly from the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. These trees found in the old-growth tropical forests of Indonesia.

They derive their distinct name from the different Red Vein that runs down the centre of its leaves. Its red color is said to derive from the tougher than normal cell wall of its leaves. Its popularity linked with its ability to relieve stress, anxiety, tension and depression amongst its users. Rather than having a stimulant effect, it has a sedative impact on the body, without any of the side effects of conventional medicines.

It’s also generally good for people who just want to chill out. Say you’re going for a night out, and it’s a chilled one, and you’re not feeling very chilled, a small amount of red kratom can put you in that place.

But it will depend on the type of red harmony kratom you take. The exact red harmony kratom effects you experience will differ, depending on the strain of red vein kratom, and the quality of the kratom you are using.

Red Harmony Dosage

Generally, it’s recommended that you start with a single gram of top quality red kratom. Then double that dose, and see what happens the second time. By the time you get to three grams, you should be feeling most of the effects of good quality kratom.

At 4-5 grams the effects of red kratom should be very strong, and above this level, sedation and analgesia should become increasingly overwhelming.

So moderation is the key. Use as little as you can, and work up to the right dose for you, so you understand how kratom effects you.

Using a very high red harmony kratom dosage can be overwhelming, and leave you incapable of functioning for several hours. On top of that, tolerance can build if you take high doses, which will lead to you needing to take more. This can lead to dependency in extreme circumstances.

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