Green Harmony

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Green Harmony Kratom


Green Harmony Kratom, If you’re looking for conscious awareness of inner peace and joy, I think you’ve found the right strain to conquer rumination and worry efficiently. This strain also has aphrodisiac qualities. Also known as the ‘boom boom’ strain. Produce with finely ground powder by Best Kratom Vendor.

  1. Boosts energy. Consumption of the green harmony strain is a great way to boost your energy levels, making you feel activated even to perform your duties better.
  2. Mood lifting. If you are bored, unhappy, or you don’t have any encouragement to keep you active and lively, then the green harmony kratom is the right pick that you should go. The medication will uplift your mood and shun away the boredom feelings leaving you very cheerful and lively. The better part of this strain is that it does not delay its performances, you begin experiencing the effects after 20 minutes of its consumption.
  3. It is increasing concentration and focus. The green harmony kratom is also associated with brain focus and concentration. It keeps your mind focused on your work hence making it more productive. The active attention avoids distraction and thus maximizing your working, thereby promoting better performances in the workplace.
  4. Pain relief. This Harmony Kratom is also suitable for pain relief.

Green Harmony Kratom Dosage

Green Harmony kratom is similar to Maeng Da Kratom, so it’s a very potent strain. You don’t need high doses to achieve you’re your objectives, and in case the small amounts aren’t significant enough, you should increase the dosage on small quantities.

Low Dosage

For beginners, the recommended dosage is around 1-3 grams but start with one and then increase gradually. Green Harmony will bring the feeling of an increase in energy and some euphoria. The effects will last for more than 5 hours

Medium Dosage

The medium dosage one should take between 4-6 grams, for those suffering from chronic pain, muscle cramps and need something to lift their moods.

High Dosage

When you take 7-10 grams, that’s a high dosage, and to be taken by anyone but only the experts in Kratom strain. It’s intended for people who need powerful analgesic effects and sedation effects as well.


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