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Yellow Sumatra Kratom Benefits

For those that love Yellow Sumatra from Green Harmony ID, there’s a long list of reported benefits one may enjoy.

  • Less Anxiety
  • Less Stress
  • Relaxant (Higher Dose)
  • Mild Boost Of Energy (Low Dose)
  • Mood Enhancing
  • Mild Pain Relief
  • Outgoing, Sociable
  • Deeper Sleep

Many kratom users love the “slow” effects of sumatra kratom. It has very tranquil effects, starting out slow and then gradually getting stronger and stronger. A few users were kind enough to share their experiences and many were similar. One of the most wanted effects they had was feeling worry free. If you’re the type that has a “racing” mind, always worrying about different things, you may want to give this kratom powder a try.

For those of you that take larger kratom doses, many users experience “total comfort” from a large yellow Sumatra dose. They explained that it’s total relaxation, closing their eyes and being at peace with everything. These are some of the reasons it’s recommended for helping with stress and anxiety.

Most people refer to Yellow Sumatra as a slow strain, a mellow experience. For most of you that use it, the experience will likely be similar. However, as I always say, you may react to this kratom differently from the majority.

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