Green Sumatra

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What is Green Sumatra Kratom?

Green Sumatra Kratom is a strain of the kratom tree, and scientists refer to it as Mitragyna Speciosa. This tree grows abundantly in Southeast Asia, specifically in the Sumatra island, and it’s a close relative of the coffee plant. Green Sumatra Kratom is famous for its pain relief properties and its effects typically last longer than any other strain. That’s why Southeast Asian natives have been using it for generations to not only relieve pain but to boost memory, improve cognitive function and to elevate mood.


Green Sumatra Kratom from Green Harmony provides a delicate balance between the effects of white sumatra and red sumatra strains. You can read on below to see details about how the specific results could benefit you.

  1. Mild Energy Boost, slight energy boost that is long-lasting.
  2. Moderate Pain-Relief, also provides a decent amount of moderate pain-relief.
  3. Alertness & Wakefulness, as well as providing stimulating effects, this strain is also useful for increasing alertness and wakefulness.
  4. Moderate Mood-Boosting Effects, the euphoric effects of this strain are also reasonably balanced.
  5. Uses Anxiety & Stress Relief, the combination of relaxing stimulation and mood-boosting makes this a fantastic strain for relieving anxiety and general stress.
  6. Socializing, balanced and nuanced effects of this strain make it perfect for users who want to use it for recreational purposes.
  7. Mild Chronic Pain Conditions, the levels of pain can vary substantially depending on the condition. Some users will have conditions that cause chronic pain; however, it may only be mild or moderate. In this case, red veins may be far too potent. Green Sumatra Kratom provides sufficient pain-relief effects, which are long-lasting and effective. The strain can be used long-term to manage these conditions in a manner which allows a user to still benefit from the stimulating effects alongside this pain-relief.

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